Blood Sugar Boot Camp

Blood Sugar Boot Camp

Afternoon crashes, 3pm sugar cravings, headaches, fatigue, irregular or painful periods, PCOS, and acne...

Learn why balanced blood sugar is the key to feeling great and balancing your hormones, and learn 3 simple hacks so you can start noticing a difference right away.

❌ NO restricting

❌ NO starving yourself

❌ NO complicated diet plan

❌ NO perfection needed

...just 3 simple hacks that you can start practicing right away.

Once you implement these three changes you will notice a change in your energy, mood, and food cravings right away.

Imagine no more stressing about perfection, sticking to a diet, or restricting yourself, but instead being able to enjoy a treat (or 2!) without sabotaging your weight loss goals or contributing to your painful periods, poor sleep, or afternoon slump.


Blood Sugar Boot Camp is not your typical boot camp. In fact, it's going to...

  • feel easy, actionable, and doable (minimal time commitment)
  • give you fast results (like more energy, better sleep, and no more cravings or afternoon slump)
  • ...AND sustainable, life-changing, long-term results (like effortless weight loss and balanced hormones)
  • be something you're so excited about, you can help but share what you're learning with your family & friends
  • be FUN!

Here's what you can expect in Boot Camp:

Prep work: After signing up, you will have pre-work to complete prior to kickoff on October 23. You'll receive some suggested meal & snack ideas and some shopping list inspo to get prepped for the week. You will also get invited to a private community chat (NOT on social media) to connect with other women and share your progress & successes!

Monday: We will kick things off with a LIVE call introducing you to some basics concepts like blood sugar, insulin, and how they affect your weight loss and hormone balance. Replay will be available if you can't make it live.

Tuesday: Get access to a video training for blood sugar hack #1 and hop into the community chat for questions, sharing, and support.

Wednesday: Get access to a video training for blood sugar hack #2 and hop into the community chat for questions, sharing, and support.

Thursday: Get access to a video training for blood sugar hack #3 and hop into the community chat for questions, sharing, and support.

Friday: Join our final celebration call to share what you learned, what felt good, and get support to keep up these new habits. 3 prize winners will also be announced on this call!


Balanced blood sugar is KEY if you want to lose weight, fix your period, balance your hormones, and get more consistent energy. You don't need straight willpower to make it through each and every day, you just need to know how to confidently support stable blood sugar. So what are you waiting for, get your BOOTY in BOOT CAMP!

Hi friend 👋 I'm Michelle

I struggled with my hormone balance for YEARS after being on hormonal birth control for almost a decade. I’m talking loooong periods, hormonal acne, debilitating migraines that were triggered by my cycle, and several miscarriages. I would have dizzy spells and brain fog because my blood sugar was so out of whack, some days it was hard for me to do simple tasks like respond to emails. I remember when I was a mom of 2 under 2, I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and my poor husband and babies had to deal with my freakouts, crying, and yelling waaaay too often.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve become obsessed with learning about my cycle, my hormones, and cyclical living. I’ve cut sugar, gone dairy & gluten free, tried a strict AIP diet, and read (what feels like) all the books on cycle syncing and cyclical & seasonal living. I've tried several different cycle trackers before I finally started developing my own holistic cycle tracking method in 2018. The cycle tracker I use with my clients and in this program has been developed over YEARS of learning and improving (and I'm constantly thinking of ways to make it better and better).

Since 2016 I’ve worked individually with dozens of moms and babies, and supported hundreds more through my online programs. I’ve helped women get pregnant naturally, come off of restrictive diets feeling better than before, detox from birth control to finally feel like themselves again, balance their blood sugar to reconnect with their hunger cues, and so much more. I can't wait to be a part of your journey to self-awareness, body literacy, and unlimited potential!

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