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"perfection is not the goal, feeling good is"

What makes cyclical living different from any other "diet" or nutrition program is we will start with the foundation of YOU. Nothing is going to feel good or help you reach your goals unless it's coming from a place of love and understanding for your body.

NO counting carbs or calories
NO restricting
NO strict diet plan
and NO doing ANY kind of math when it comes to eating.

Your body needs alllll the nourishment & love!

Here are the steps we'll take together to get to the bottom of your hormonal imbalances, help you lose weight and get your energy back!

  1. We build the foundation of listening to and understanding your body using the concepts of cyclical living & holistic cycle tracking.
  2. We look at your goals and any symptoms you're experiencing and pinpoint where to begin from my "Feminine Foundations": balanced blood sugar, gut health & detox, cyclical nutrition, metabolism, supportive supplements, and removing toxins
  3. Together we develop a plan for you that involves super simple & actionable steps based off of which Feminine Foundation piece we want to focus on first.
  4. We work our way through the Feminine Foundations with monthly 45-min Zoom calls, text/voice support between calls, and written action plans, cyclically-aligned meal plans, recipes, & supplement recommendations.
  5. Celebrate your progress along the way!

**Schedule a free 20-minute consult to decide which option is best for you**

{3 months} 3 x 45 min. calls + 12 weeks unlimited text/voice message support {$299/month}

{6 months} 6 x 45 min. calls + 24 weeks unlimited text/voice message support {$269/month}

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